Wednesday, January 11

10 Reasons why we’re loving Girl Meets World this season
Sadly, this will be the last season of our fave spinoff show Girl Meets World which breaks the hearts of every fan. Let’s all take a moment to share a collective tear. *Tear* *Sob* *Ugly Cry*. I can’t believe it’s already coming to an end! Seems like only yesterday that Riley was sitting on Lucas’s lap in the subway after Maya had a minute long relationship with him. Oh, the memories. There are so many! We’ll never forget every nickname Maya had for Lucas. Or the very tender conversations at the Bay Window. Or Riley riding away on a horse with her BF in shining armour. And Cory Matthews teaching history will go down in history. We also won’t forget the amazing episodes from the past year. Before the finale on January 20th, we wanted to list off some of the reasons we’ve been totally obsessed with this season.

Riley and Lucas are together again and the love triangle has finally ended
It felt like Lucas was never going to decide which girl he wanted to be with. Every time he promised he had made a decision there was some annoying obstacle in the way. Either Riley and Maya had taken a road trip to hang with Shawn or Maya wasn’t being her usual self and they had to wait until she had returned to her original form. But then, one day, it happened! Lucas told Riley he loved her and Riley told Lucas she loved him and Maya was as happy as they were. Thank goodness. We’ve been wanting a Riley and Lucas love reunion for SO long.
There is a blossoming romance between Josh and Maya
And Maya hasn’t been doing too badly in the love department herself. One of the giant factors that pushed her to backing away from her Lucas crush was her growing crush on Josh Matthews, the brother of Cory and the teen uncle of Riley and Auggie. Although Josh has told Maya a few times that he’s too old for her (3 years older to be exact) the blonde bombshell is quite persistent in her pursuit of the hunky brunette. She’s so persistent that she gets him to admit his feelings for her and say that he’s willing to wait to see what happens between them.
Farkle and Smackle are so adorable
Speaking of feelings, Farkle and Smackle have many of those for each other. Their relationship only gets sweeter as they enter high school and bond over not being the smartest kids on the block anymore. They agree to support the other and surround themselves only with intellectual inferiors aka Lucas and Zay. Although, Farkle might be less keen on the idea since Smackle is often flirting with the hunky farm boy. I mean, Farkle can’t lose the nerdy love of his nerdy life!

Zay has just been the funniest
With all of the drama happening between Riley, Maya and Lucas, it’s been great to have Zay around to interrupt the confessions of love with witty jokes. He’s been hilarious this season, especially when he’s tried to flirt with high school girls and failed miserably. The discovery that his favourite movie is The Notebook and he listens to Celine Dion were giant LOL moments.
The characters are going through some major changes
Starting high school is always a time of adjustment for any teen but for the Girl Meets World cast it’s been a massive hurdle to overcome. Suddenly, everyone’s no longer the best at everything. Farkle and Smackle don’t get into the Intellectual club. Lucas and Zay aren’t tough enough for the football team and Riley and Maya were trapped in the “hole” for a good long while. Not to mention Riley getting a D on her Spanish test and Maya getting an A. Talk about bizarro world!

Shawn and Katy tying the knot was perfect
Maya’s biological dad hasn’t been present for the majority of her life and she’s often wondered what it would be like to have a father figure (other than her honorary daddio Cory Matthews of course). She got along with Shawn Hunter immediately when she met him which was no surprise since she’s kinda based on his character. So, you’d think she’d be thrilled to find out that her mom Katy is engaged to the older male version of her but she wasn’t at first and worried that he would change the fam dynamic. She quickly realizes though that he only makes it better.
Riley and Maya have been wearing the coolest outfits
You can really see how Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter have matured between season two and season three. They’re growing up before our eyes and so are their styles. Their fashion sense has consistently been solid but in season three Riley and Maya are killing it with their ensembles. Episode after episode they rock the finest threads that we ALL wanna own.
Meeting the new guest characters has been a blast
What’s also been exciting about the crew hitting high school has been getting to meet the other students attending Abigail Adams. Older kids like Thor, Francesca and Nikki or the breakup guru Sage have added a lot of flare (and gorgeousness) to the series. Hopefully they’re in the finale!

The Ski Lodge episodes were pretty awesome
If you know anything about Boy Meets World you know that the Mount Sun Lodge has epic significance for Cory and Topanga’s relationship. Cory’s Senior Class ski trip almost resulted in them being broken-up forever which would have then resulted in Riley never being BORN! Can you imagine? Then we would have never had Girl Meets World! So, when Cory and Topanga return to the lodge with Riley, Maya, Lucas et al, naturally Riley meets the son of Lauren (who Cory almost left Topanga for) and develops a liking for him which makes Lucas mega jealous.
Riley and Maya’s friendship continues to be the best friendship ever
A lot of friendships wouldn’t be able to survive a love triangle, especially a love triangle that went on for as long as the Riley-Lucas-Maya one did. But, somehow, our leading ladies stayed together through thick and thin. They refused to allow some silly boy from Texas to get in the way of their BFF status and when the time was right Maya even encouraged Lucas to tell Riley that he loved her. She did this knowing that she was giving up a chance to be with him because she also knew that it would send Riley over the moon to be Lucas’s one and only girlfriend. Aw!