Tuesday, March 14

The Radio Disney Music Awards have many categories, but The Best Song of the Year is one you don’t get sick of. You will constantly want to play all of these songs again and again on repeat. The songs on the playlist this year are: Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya, Closer ft. Halsey by TCS, Cake by the Ocean by DNCE, Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake, and lastly, Treat you Better by Shawn Mendes.


Sit Still, Look Pretty (Daya)

Daya has a unique voice so it's not a surprise that her vocals combined with perfect lyrics and a upbeat vibe, equals a nomination for best song of the year. But the real question is...will it be enough to win her the award?


Cake by the Ocean (DNCE)

DNCE released one of their greatest hits, Cake by the Ocean back in 2015. This song is so amazing that unlike most songs, this one never seemed to slip away. Cake by the Ocean is fun, funny and ‘fun’tastic! Joe Jonas and his team of musicians have yet again outdone themselves.


Can't Stop the Feeling (Justin Timberlake)

Can't stop the feeling? More like can't stop playing on repeat. Justin Timberlake started his singing career way back in 2002 with hits like Cry me a River and Rock Your Body. But the pop star hasn't slowed down. He still manages to create fresh material while dancing his way through a world tour. Can he dance his way up on stage for the Song of the Year award?


Treat You Better (Shawn Mendes)

By now, it's clear that Shawn Mendes has a voice people would only dream of. Anything that comes out of his mouth sounds awesome. To no surprise, his latest single, Treat you Better has skyrocketed in popularity! Not only does the song sound great, but the meaning behind it is an important message for relationships of all kind.


Closer (TCS ft. Halsey)

TCS’s buzzing song Closer can be listened to anywhere! Whether you are cruising in the car, chilling with friends, or relaxing in the tub, this song is an obvious pick! While Closer is one of the nominees for Song of the Year, how much closer will they be to winning this RDMA award over their competitors.