Thursday, July 6

More amazing dares from Dirk


Season 1 of Bizaardvark had our good friend Dirk at “Dare Me, Bro” doing the most outlandish things imaginable in the name of a good video. We’d be willing to bet that the new season of Bizaardavark will bring even more amazing dares. Paige and Frankie will probably end up involved with at least one of Dirk’s wild ideas, and who knows where that could lead?!


Countless epic songs from Paige and Frankie


Our girls know how to make a catchy song, and hilarious videos to go along with them. Season 2 of Bizaardvark will undoubtedly have even more of their genius lyrics for us to enjoy.  The girls always manage to make their life into entertaining videos for their channel, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


Amelia will get into competition with yet another Vuuugler


We know Amelia is really good at what she does, but she has a tendency to get jealous. Our favourite beauty guru is also intensely competitive, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she went toe to toe with one of her Vuuugler friends. Who will it be this time, Paige and Frankie? Dirk? Or maybe she’ll meet her match against a bigger beauty guru!


Bernie will get himself into sticky situations


We all love Bernie, but he gets himself into trouble sometimes! His big dreams drive him to do silly things, and his loyalty is questionable at the best of times. His crush on Amelia could lead him into some awkward situations that would probably be absolutely hilarious.  Plus, his friendship with Dirk means he’s always involved in wacky dares and crazy plans. Bernie will definitely be up to shenanigans in Bizaardvark Season 2.


The Bizaardvark channel gets even more popular


Paige and Frankie have been doing really well at growing their channel since joining Vuuugle, and we think it can only go up from here! They’ve been making awesome and funny content that’s sure to bring in subscribers, and we don’t see that stopping anytime soon. Wouldn’t it be cool if they had a video go viral? Their channel would become wildly popular overnight! Even if Bizaardvark has a slow climb to the top, we’re sure it will be at the top one day soon.


More Collabs


Our favourite Vuuuglers are spending more and more time together, and we think that will mean more collabs! It’s so much fun seeing them interact on eachother’s channels, don’t you think? There’s no limit to the crossovers that are possible with our online superstars. We’d love to see Amelia let loose on Bizaardvark, or see Bernie spend time with Amelia on her channel!  


New school, new adventures


The Vuuugle stars are taking on high school, and with that will come new and exciting adventures. We’ll have new characters to see, and there will be so many funny scenarios to inspire new Bizaardvark videos! Dirk and Amelia will be there too, and it’ll be interesting to see our online stars in a new environment. How will they react to high school life? High school can be hard for everyone, but it’ll be fun and exciting to see how our online sensations handle it.


More Vuuuglers!


We’re willing to bet there will be more Vuuugle stars to enjoy in Bizaardvark Season 2! Some fresh faces would be neat, and we’ll get to see how Frankie & Paige react to not being the “new kids” anymore.  What genre could they possibly bring in next? There are so many online video niches to explore, we can’t wait to see who comes to Vuuugle next.