Thursday, February 16

There are a crazy number of children in the Diaz family. Each character is unique and together makes the family complete. Here is a breakdown of the characteristics for all 7 children.

Harley is the middle child, yet somehow she gets the most attention of the bunch. She is full of new ideas, super energized and always manages to achieve her goal.  Harley never takes no for an answer. She may only be 13 years old, but she sure holds the determination of a grown adult.

Being the eldest of the bunch, Rachel spends a lot of time doing her own thing. You know, things like looking in the mirror, doing her makeup, working on her fashion sense…okay I think you get the point. Rachel may seem a little vain or sassy at times, however she really does care when it comes to helping out her little siblings. Once you break down her (very) high walls, you can finally find her big ol’ heart.

Ethan is one well-rounded dude. Not only does he know how to rock out with his talented musical skills but he also happens to be Harley’s partner in crime. It shows a lot about his character that he can be such close friends with his sibling. If that wasn’t good enough, he also happens to have a great head of hair!

Daphne is the youngest sibling. This little one may seem small but boy is she mighty! She’s got attitude, sass, drama, spunk, and whatever other qualities the average 7-year-old has growing up. Daphne is strong-willed and will fight for what she wants. After all, the youngest always has to get their way!

Georgie is the second oldest and definitely the most optimistic of the bunch. She may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but boy is she one heck of an athlete! Her optimism, high energy, and determination makes her such a great sport – not only in basketball but in life too!

Since Lewie is Beast’s older twin (by 90 seconds), naturally, he is the most dominant. He usually takes the lead when it comes to scheming and sneaking around. Lewie has picked up many impressive skills over the years. He’s a smart fellow, especially for a 9-year-old.

As the younger twin, Beast tends to be more outspoken and is likely to take the back seat when it comes to planning. His immaturity sometimes gets the best of him. Beast can make silly decisions, act obnoxious, and more times than not, he doesn’t have a clue which way is up. It’s a good thing he has so many siblings to look up to and learn from.