Tuesday, November 1

Descendants 2, the sequel of the Disney film that’s already become a total classic, is being released so soon and all of us fans can’t wait to find out what adventures our favourite foursome of Villain Kids are up to in the fairytale land of Auradon. Are Mal and Ben still dating? Is Evie still killing it at school? Is Jay officially the star athlete of the team? Does Carlos remain a converted dog lover? And what is happening back at the Isle of the Lost? WE NEED ANSWERS IN THE ASAP. Unfortunately, we don’t have a ton of info to work off of but we do have a couple guesses of what could go down in this epic follow-up. Check out a few of our maybe possible predictions.

We will meet TONS of other Villain/Princess/Fairy Kids
In the first Descendants, we were constantly introduced to the sons and daughters of a bunch of Disney characters. There were the Villain Kids obviously, aka Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos who are the babies of Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Jafar and Cruella De Vil. But there was also Ben, the son of Belle and the Beast, Audrey, the daughter of Aurora, Jane, the daughter of the Fairy Godmother, Chad, the son of Prince Charming, Lonnie, the daughter of Fa Mulan, and even Doug, the son of Dopey. In the sequel I bet we are going to become familiar with a whole lot more, including the kids of Ursula, Captain Hook and Gaston! Can’t wait to see ‘em on screen.

Evie, Carlos and Jay will be having a blast at Auradon
It was clear in the first film that Evie, Carlos and Jay were having a way better time at goodie good Auradon than Mal was. She was the best at pretending to be nice but she struggled the most at genuinely enjoying herself, minus the time that she spent with Ben which she adored. I bet though once the butterflies wear off a bit, she won’t be having much fun. Meanwhile, Evie will be getting stellar grades, Jay will be winning games, and Carlos will be petting puppies.

Mal will head back to the Isle of the Lost
In fact, we foresee that Mal will struggle so much with being little Miss Perfect at Auradon that she’ll wave bye bye to the fairytale utopia and return to her wicked hometown. But Evie, Carlos and Jay likely won’t join her and she might regret her decision real fast once she gets there.

Ben and Mal will break-up for a hot minute
One of Mal’s biggest regrets will be leaving Ben since in order to be super evil again she will have to break her boyfriend’s heart and live many miles away. And we all know that long distance relationships are not easy, especially when one person is malicious and mean and menacing. But, their split won’t last for long. These soul mates couldn’t stay apart even if they wanted to. We have a feeling that Ben may go after Mal and rescue her from an icky situation.

Evie, Carlos and Jay will be meeting the loves of their lives
So, while Ben and Mal have become temporary exes, we think that Evie, Carlos
 and Jay will be falling head over heels for other Auradon teens or even maybe for each other?! Seems like Evie and Jay have a bit of chemistry and my gosh wouldn’t they make the cutest villain couple ever?

Mal will be replaced back at the Isle of the Lost
Once Mal arrives back home she will quickly realize that everything is not as she left it. She is no longer the tough girl in charge of the cool kids. There is a new evil gal in town and her name is Uma. We anticipate that the daughter of Ursula will reign as the queen and will not like Mal one bit. Hopefully they’ll learn to be friends by the end, but they will for sure be enemies at first.

We are going to have a real love/hate relationship with Uma
Although Uma will be giving our girl Mal a real hard time and we will majorly dislike her for that, we envision fans of the franchise also worshiping the dirty ground that the cool, powerful Uma stomps on. She is being played the hilarious, uber talented China Anne McClain so of course she’s going to be amazing. We WILL remain loyal to Mal though. Maybe we can love ‘em both?!

The sons of Gaston and Captain Hook are gonna be very hunky
We’ll want to be BFFs with Uma and we’ll want to marry these two strong,
fun, handsome gents.

There is definitely going to be some kind of  epic battle at the end again
Totally instigated by Uma obviously since it seems that she’s the main troublemaker in this movie. The tiny bit of info that we do know insinuates that Uma is potentially going to break down the barrier between the Isle of the Lost and Auradon causing serious freaky chaos.

Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos will band together to save the day once more
But it won’t just be Mal being the hero all on her own, her lifelong buddies Evie, Carlos and Jay will be fighting right by her side. They wouldn’t leave her to take down Uma all alone. This does mean though that they would eventually have to return to the Isle of the Lost too then. And does Ben go with them? Is that why he looks evil in the cast photo that was released? We think YES.