Thursday, March 9

If you haven’t guessed by now, Disney’s Tangled is based off of the popular fairy-tale Rapunzel. There are many similarities between the two tales. Such as, Rapunzel’s long blonde hair, the fact that it is used as a ladder to climb in and out of the tower she is trapped inside, Rapunzel’s beautiful singing voice, and the adorable love story with a happily ever after. But what may not be so obvious are the differences between Disney’s Tangled and the tale of Rapunzel. Keep reading to see if you were able to spy all of the differences!

Tower Location
In Tangled: The evil witch lived far far away where nobody could every find her! That is because she stole Rapunzel when she was a baby and needed to make sure that Rapunzel would never be found.

In Rapunzel: The evil witch lived right next door to Rapunzel’s parents. The wicked witch made a deal with Rapunzel’s parents which was that when Rapunzel is born, she is to be handed over to the evil witch forever.

Magical Hair
In Tangled: Rapunzel’s hair is magical because when her mother was pregnant with her she ate soup that contained a magical healing flower. This meant that Rapunzel’s hair gave her special healing powers.

In Rapunzel: Her hair is in fact not magical at all. However, her hair is still long, blonde, and beautiful.

Snip Snip  
 In Tangled: Once Rapunzel’s hair is cut, it turns brown and looses its power forever.

 In Rapunzel: Since Rapunzel’s hair is not magical, when her evil witch of a "mother" cuts her hair, it remains blonde.

Royalty Swap
In Tangled: Rapunzel comes from a royal family where she is the Princess. The young man who she meets on her journey is a mischievous rebel.

In Rapunzel: The young man is a Prince! This means that Rapunzel only becomes a Princess upon marriage.

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