Tuesday, September 27

Your favourite pair of hilarious twin sisters played by the glorious Dove Cameron are moving to California which means there will be a different set, a different wardrobe, and a different storyline for every character. Basically, there will be lots of difference. They moved so Liv could pursue her acting career and star in the TV show Sing it Louder, while Maddie is dribbling her way to a college basketball scholarship. But what else could season four of
Liv and Maddie have in store? Well, we have a couple of predictions and ideas and suspicions… like:

Amazing new set
The Rooney family is now living with their aunt and cousin Ruby and by the looks of the photos released, it’s a beautiful beach house that will add a totally fresh, fun vibe to the show. Their bedrooms will be funkier, the couches will be more colourful, and the sunshine will be sunnier.

Liv is going to become seriously famous
So, Liv is already a celebrity in our books but now that she’s living in Los Angeles and taking her entertainment career super seriously we think she’ll have a spot in the Hollywood A-list before the season ends. She’s already starring in Sing it Louder, but that’s only the beginning. Soon enough, she’ll have a chart topping album, a role in a blockbuster film and an Academy Awards.

Maddie will struggle with all of the changes
Although Maddie is going after her career goals just like her sis, Los Angeles might not be her favourite place to live. She’s a down-to-earth, sneaker-wearing tomboy not a bubbly, dress-wearing starlet like Liv. Wisconsin was Maddie’s jam and she adored that house more than anyone else. Plus, she’ll probably be missing her boyfriend Diggie real bad. Hopefully she’ll be playing enough basketball to keep herself distracted and keep her head in the game.

Stylish California outfits
The Rooney home is getting a makeover and we foresee our cast of characters getting a giant makeover too. Not just in their dreams, friendships, and attitudes, but also in their wardrobes! Liv’s closest was already so bright and summery but now it’s going to be eternally glowing.

Joey is suddenly the cool guy in school
But, while Maddie tries to get adjusted in a strange land, Joey instantly feels totally at home in sunny California. Mainly because this means he gets completely reinvent himself. Joey Bragg said in an interview that his character has a new persona which he called the “Falcon” who is cooler than his young brother. He’s funnier, more confident, dresses better and is way better at flirting. He’s also now an aspiring stand-up comedian! Maybe Joey will be famous too one day.

Parker has to deal with not being the best
Suddenly, Joey is more popular than Parker so what does this mean for him? We presume he doesn’t know and spends the season trying to find out who the Los Angeles Parker is. Not only if he competing with his bro for being the most likable, he’s also competing with an academic rival named Val at his new school and we bet he’s not sure if he hates her or like-likes her.

Their cousin Ruby is going to steal every scene
Liv and Maddie have a kind of sister who isn’t their twin in season four. Their delightful, silly, adorable cousin Ruby who Liv has lived with before will be bunking with them too. From the quick previews we’ve seen, we can already tell that she’s a shining star. Who knows, maybe Ruby will end up be a celebrity Rooney sister too and Liv will be her wise Hollywood mentor.

Diggie and Holden and other characters from Wisconsin will be sure to visit
As we already said, we are sure that Maddie will be thinking about Diggie every day that he’s not by her side and Liv is probably dreaming about Holden as well even if she won’t admit it. But we anticipate that lots of beloved characters from Wisconsin will be booking a plane ticket to Los Angeles to reunite with the Rooney family, and that includes their goofy daddio Pete!

Tons of brand new quirky guest characters
Plus, not only will we see tons of old faces we will also meet dozens of fresh faces. California is filled with quirky characters and with Joey and Parker going to a new school, Liv being on set all the time, and Maddie making LA friends, they’re definitely going to get close with Cali-pals.

Lots of time spent at the beach
Lastly, we forecast that there will be non stop hang outs at the beach. If only we could join!