Wednesday, March 8

Liv and Maddie: Cali Style will be ending in a few weeks and it’s hard to believe that our fave pair of twins won’t be twinning any longer. We’ll miss hearing Liv sing every other word she says. We’ll miss watching Maddie awkwardly flirt with boys. We’ll miss Joey being a doofus non-stop. We’ll miss Parker trying to beat Val in anything and everything. We’ll miss Karen being the best mom in the history of moms. We’ll miss getting to know our new bestie Ruby. We’ll miss California AND Wisconsin AND the Rooney’s house AND the cool set of Sing it Louder AND every other location they’ve ever been on! Who knows where the characters will end up and what dreams will be fulfilled and which soulmates will get back together and/or finally get together. Well, we have some ideas of what could go down in the final two episodes… here are a few of our maybe predictions for Liv, Maddie, Joey, Parker, Ruby and even Karen.

Liv gets into a relationship with Holden Dippledorf
Our songstress will be going through a bunch of changes in the finale, not just in the career department. Apparently, Holden is dropping by for a visit and we have a feeling that it might not just be a platonic hang out. Is he meeting with Liv to profess his eternal love for her? Um, YES OBVIOUSLY THAT’S WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN DUH. I mean, we don’t know 100% for sure know it’s going to happen but we hope it does. They were kind of perfect for each other in every way. Fingers crossed those two cuties sing a romantic duet together and then kiss A LOT.
Ruby gets a bigger role on Sing it Louder
We think that Ruby could fill in as the lead on Sing it Louder! Although she’s not AS experienced as Liv, she’s definitely got tons of talent to share. Given the opportunity we anticipate that she would do an amazing job as the star of the show. Then when Liv has her triumphant return, they switch off as the stars? Or Ruby GETS HER OWN SHOW? The possibilities are endless. Ruby could even win an Academy Award one day.
Joey and Parker get their own show too
They were hilarious when they had their television debut last week with a little commercial for their trendy product “Bacon Briefs” which is exactly what it sounds like. Briefs with bacon on them and they were clearly a hit because they got 90,000 orders for the meaty underwear. Now that they’re mini-celebrities and Joey is on the rise as a comedian maybe they’ll be starring in a TV series themselves as a comical brother duo who make and sell bacon related products.
Joey’s stand-up comedy career takes off
He was invited to perform at a comedy club by his hero Jim Breuer. So, what’s next for the up-and-coming goofball? We’re thinking MORE comedy clubs, MORE shows, and MORE hilarity. Will he be signed by an agent? Totally. Will he tour around America cracking jokes? Absolutely. Will he meet Jerry Seinfeld and will Jerry Seinfeld think he’s a better comedian than Jerry Seinfeld? No question. If he doesn’t get a show with Parker, he could write his own sitcom!

Karen starts a modelling career
And as Liv and Joey and Parker become famous, momma Karen is doing her own thing too! She’s been modelling up a storm and even dipping into acting. We envision her strutting her stuff in Fashion Week real soon. She’s a total natural. Her boots were made for catwalking!

Parker and Val officially get into a relationship
Even though Parker and Val are constantly at odds and battling to be the best at everything and always attempting to outsmart the other, we know that secretly they’re head over sneakers in love. It started with Parker accidentally asking Val to a dance when he thought he was just asking her to be his science partner and it’s only going to grow from there. No one can flirt while talking about geeky things like the two of them. The get an A+ in chemistry. In the finale, we think they’ll confess their true feelings, become BF and GF and talk about more geeky things.
Maddie falls back into love with Diggie
Speaking of confessing true feelings, we couldn’t help but notice that Ryan McCartan is making an appearance in the finale episode. Although him and Dove Cameron are no longer involved romantically that doesn’t mean that Maddie and Diggie can’t be! Like Liv and Holden, Maddie and Diggie are meant to be. When they’re together it’s pure magic. We liked Josh a lot too, but he’s no Diggie. We see the pair of athletes rekindling their connection super fast and realizing that they never really did stop loving each other. Only problem is Diggie doesn’t live in California. This means that Maddie will have to decide to go back to Wisconsin or Diggie will have to move to California. It will be a tough decision, but we think Diggie will be packing a bag and relocating to Cali. Maddie was separated from Liv before and we bet she can’t do it again.
Their dad finishes rebuilding the house in Wisconsin and they sell the house
Pete Rooney has been working hard back home fixing up the Rooney home and we predict that he’ll finish the needed repairs and then put that house up for sale. And the Rooneys will buy their very own home in California! They can’t exactly leave with all of the success they’re having. Pete Rooney will make his own triumphant return and the whole Rooney family will be reunited and everyone will be happy and in love and life will be perfect forever! What? You don’t think that could happen? It could TOTALLY happen! No. It WILL totally happen. Just wait and see.