Thursday, August 24

In the beginning of Descendants, we meet Mal, the daughter of Maleficent. We’re led to believe that she’s as evil as her mother, and that her friends Evie, Carlos, and Jay are there to help her every villainous step of the way. But is Mal truly evil? We’ve seen her do quite a few bad things, but we’re not so sure we’d write her off just yet. Let’s take a look and decide for ourselves if Mal belongs more on the side of good, or the side of evil.

Love Potion

When Mal heard that the only way to get closer to Fairy Godmother’s wand at the coronation was to be Ben’s girlfriend, she became determined to make that a reality. It’s never nice to trick someone, and it’s especially not nice to make someone fall in love with you using magic. Mal cooked up a cookie with a love potion in it and used it on Ben. We’d say that’s pretty evil.

Reversing Jane’s Makeover

When Mal isn’t being treated well by her peers at Auradon, she turns on them in a big way. With one motion, Jane’s makeover that Mal performed using magic is taken away from her. Hurting people when you don’t get your way? Kinda evil.

Stealing the Wand

The motivation for the mini villains was Fairy Godmother’s magic wand, which they intended to steal. Stealing is definitely evil, so we’d say this is another tick against Mal in the that department.  

Changing Sides

When it comes down to the wire for our villains, Mal makes the choice: good or evil? She chooses good, because she feels better being herself than just carrying out her mother’s wishes. She also really wants to be with Ben (who wouldn’t?!) and so she makes a move over to Team Good.

Back to the Isle

Descendants 2 sees our favourite purple-haired beauty in a bit of a conundrum. She loves Ben, but feels like she’s lost too much of who she is. Mistaking this for meaning she has to be entirely evil again to feel normal, she abandons Auradon and heads back to the Isle. We’re not going to call this one evil, more… misunderstood.

Rescues Ben

Despite her return to the Isle, when she hears that Ben is in danger after being captured by Uma, she decides she has to help him. Even when Mal is feeling lost, she can never abandon the people she loves. We’re definitely going to put this one in the “good” pile.

Defends Auradon

When Uma is cornered and forced to reveal her trickery, Mal chooses to defend her new home against her old friend. Auradon is important to Mal’s friends and to her, so she decides she can’t let Uma cause more harm than she already has. Definitely good.  


So is Mal good or evil? We’d say she’s definitely on Team Good. Nobody starts out good or evil, like Maleficent would want us to believe, because it’s the choices we make that determine who we are! Mal makes good choices and learns from her mistakes, and as she learns, she finds where she fits more and more.