Friday, April 7

With the huge success of the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson it’s fun to imagine who ELSE could have played those iconic roles. Since it is a Disney film, what if some of our fave Disney stars from Descendants got to wear that gorgeous yellow dress or sing “Be Our Guest” or toss LeFou into the air? Which talented lady/gent would have been cast in which role? There are so many options! Well, we have a few possible ideas….

BELLE/Sofia Carson

Sofia Carson has proved in Descendants
that she has an amazing voice and she’s a pretty incredible dancer as well. Plus, she’s gold those long brown locks just like Belle. She’s also so sweet and would look beautiful in a blue dress AND a yellow dress AND any other dress. We can’t really think of anyone who’d nail the role better than the glamorous, brilliant Sofia Carson. She’d make the smartest, prettiest, charming-est Belle ever. So, somebody cast her already!

THE BEAST/Mitchell Hope

Then there’s our handsome Prince whose character is the SON of Belle in Descendants. We know that he can play the good guy real well and based on Descendants 2 he’s also very good at playing the bad boy. AND he’s got that pretty smile and that adorable face and those dreamy eyes. Who wouldn’t want to see Mitchell transform from tough Beast into tender Prince? He’s also got those flowing blonde locks that match the Beast’s sunshiney long hair. He’s so ideal!

GASTON/Booboo Stewart

Speaking of ideal, our pick for Gaston is
 the hottest hottie in town, Booboo Stewart! He’s got the strength of Gaston. He’s got the confidence of Gaston. And he’s got the killer singing voice of Gaston! He’d be so hilarious and sometimes scary and just awesome all around. He would be able to lift
 any blonde beauty high into the air while grinning large and flexing his muscles! We also know that he has great chemistry with Sofia Carson and could easily make her super angry.

LEFOU/Zachary Gibson

And of course our Gaston needs his LeFou to worship him and encourage him and remind him that he’s the best dude in town. We thought that the quirky, nerdy and hilariously awkward Zachary Gibson who plays Doug in Descendants would make an excellent sidekick. Him and Booboo would be quite the pair. We can already picture Booboo putting him into a headlock!

MAURICE/Maz Jabroni

We also need a daddio for Belle and that character needs to be played by an actor who’s capable of being kinda looney and over-the-top. Maurice is an inventor after all! And we think that Maz Jabroni, who plays Jafar in Descendants aka the father of Jay, would make a marvelous Maurice. He’d have to be less evil and more goofy but we trust in his A+ abilities.

LUMIERE/Dove Cameron

We know that technically Lumiere is a guy in the animated film but why couldn’t he be a girl?! If gender swapping was a possibility, we think that the effervescent, charismatic, so funny Dove Cameron would win Oscars as Lumiere. Hearing her sing “Be Our Guest” alone would be astonishing to witness. She’s got the comedic chops, the swagger and the powerful pipes too!

COGSWORTH/Cameron Boyce

We think that Lumiere’s partner-in-crime should be the so very funny Cameron Boyce who is superb at playing frightened, nervous, uncomfortable characters which we saw in Descendants. Him playing opposite the suave Dove Cameron as Cogsworth would be so fun to watch. They’d be a classic comedy duo! And Cameron has a great singing voice himself. He can carry a tune!

MRS. POTTS/Kristin Chenoweth

Oh goodness. If Kristin Chenoweth agreed to do it how marvelous would she be as Mrs. Potts? How stunning would her rendition of the Beauty and the Beast song “Tale as Old as Time” be? How motherly is her voice though and how adorable would she look in Mrs. Potts costume after she becomes human? And her acting alongside Dove Cameron like old times would be the best.

CHIP/Brenna D’Amico

So, again we know that Chip is a boy and we also know that he’s, well, young, but what if Chip was a shy teen girl instead? Who loves Belle so much but is very quiet around the Beast and Cogsworth and is dealing with her awkward teen years while also being a cup? Don’t you kinda love the idea? We do! Chip trying to flirt with boy-objects in front of her mom would be hilarious.

Wardrobe/China Anne McClain

And finally there’s the hysterical, sassy, outgoing Wardrobe who we think China Anne McClain would do a wonderful job portraying. She’s got the comedy timing. She’s got the friendly attitude. She’s got the booming voice! Also, her style is always on point so not only would her character know how to dress Belle, China would as well! She’d bring a lot of herself to the role.