Tuesday, April 12

The Radio Disney Music Awards are coming up real soon and we are so excited to find out who wins! We’re also intensely pumped to see what the nominees will be wearing on the legendary red carpet. Sometimes the outfits are as exhilarating as the ceremony itself. 



It’s common knowledge these days that Zendaya has one of the coolest, most unique and important styles in the business. She’s got a real ‘90s feel to what she drapes herself in and we love it. She’s a chameleon. She wears whatever she wants and it’s always different which is what makes her wardrobe so thrilling. No wonder she’s nominated for Artist with Best Style. 


Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato started off her fashion journey as a princessy girly girl but she has definitely matured and developed way beyond that. These days she’s got a more edgy look. She wears rebellious patterns, risque material like leather, and seriously cool hair-dos. She often sports bright pink lips, big glasses, and studded jean jackets like a true badass. 


Fifth Harmony

One of the best parts about Fifth Harmony is that they’re typically kind of matching yet bring their own individual personalities to their threads. You can see bits and pieces of each of them in the others (either in colour, cut, or fabric) but they’re also so very distinctive and could for sure stand out on their own. 


Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez could wear a simple black mini dress, with her hair down, and silver studs and make it look absolutely stunning. She’s got that power. She makes the ordinary extraordinary. She tends to like dark colours, pure satin, and tall stilettos. If she goes casual she may just show up in tight skinny dress pants and a gorgeous, sophisticated tank. She is the definition of sleek sophistication. 


Ariana Grande

Like Ariana’s tunes, her style is so fun, flirty, fresh, bright, and youthful. Regardless of what she’s chosen to zip up, she looks extremely adorable and fashionable too. Not many people can achieve both of these. She somehow makes cat ears look like runway couture. She loves her fit-and-flare little dresses and floral skirts and crop tops and tie-dye anything. Her colours are pink, purple, yellow, and NOT grey. Her ultimate fashion idol is Audrey Hepburn which makes total sense. 


Taylor Swift

Swifties are some of the most loyal fans that exist and of course they’re belting out the lyrics from her songs, but they’re also always talking about how gorgeous Taylor looks. She’s a country gal and has a girl-next-door feel. She is very classic, mostly wearing her hair in updos, slicked back, or down in those blonde curls. She’s cute yet swanky and never not showing off the latest trends. She’s ahead of the curve.