You belong in The Isle of the Lost!

You belong in The Isle of the Lost!

You’re feisty, passionate, and know how to get exactly what you want. You are a perfect fit for The Isle of the Lost! You’re always hanging out with your best friends, who constantly ask you for advice on how to reach their own goals as well as you do. Your best friends have to be outgoing to keep up with a confident person like you. The Isle of the Lost is the perfect home for you.

You belong in Auradon!

You belong in Auradon!

You’re honest, sweet, and just the right fit for living in Auradon. Your best friends are all trustworthy, upstanding heroes and you’re always together. You live in a beautiful castle and have an endless supply of romantic comedies to enjoy. Your friends are always asking you for romance advice, which you obviously give. You love relaxing with a good book, and the peace and quiet of Auradon is perfect for that.

Disney Bestie - Carlos


Your Descendants 2 BFF would be Carlos! You two always end up watching cute dog videos for hours, and he has the funniest sense of humour. You’re always borrowing his cool shoes, and he never minds. His favourite gift is the stuffed animal you got him, because you know him better than anyone. You two are the ultimate jokesters. 

Disney Bestie - Jay


Your Descendants 2 BFF would be Jay! The two of you love being active and playing lots of sports, so you’re the perfect match. You spend your time playing games together, and he can always make you laugh. Jay always has the best advice on plays and strategy, and you’re always listening. 

Disney Bestie - Uma


Your Descendants 2 BFF would be Uma! The two of you would hangout, eat ice cream and spill all your secrets. You’d get her an amazing pool floatie for her birthday, because you know her so well. You admire her confidence and could see her becoming a powerful leader one day. 

Disney Bestie - Evie


Your Descendants 2 BFF would be Evie! The two of you spend all of your time at the mall shopping for the latest trends. Evie’s always there to give you advice on fashion and accessorizing. If the two of you threw a party, it would come complete with a red carpet entry. You could totally see Evie becoming a famous model, with you right there by her side.

Disney Bestie - Mal


Your Descendants 2 BFF would be Mal! The two of you spend all of your time crafting, talking relationships and drama. You’re constantly borrowing her leather jacket, because your BFF has to have the same taste in clothes. You love that Mal wants to be an artist, and that she’s a loyal bestie.


You would be friends with Judy!

While others may find it difficult to befriend this sarcastic robot, you and Judy would have no problem getting along. You love listening to her countless spy stories, and you usually out-sass each other. Plus, having a robot as your friend is pretty cool!   


You would be friends with the computer genius of the family!

Playing video games will become your go-to activity. Sure, you may not be able to tag along on those spy missions, but if hacking is your thing, you might just come in handy!


You would be friends with K.C!

Smart, confident and loyal, this super spy would always be there to help you out. You both value school, so study sessions are a must. Just remember to keep her life as a spy a secret!